Insane Forza Horizon 4 Photo Gallery That Will Make Xbox Fans Proud

Insane Forza Horizon 4 Photo Gallery That Will Make Xbox Fans Proud

[Update: Our Forza Horizon 4 review is live right here so give it a quick read!]

Forza Horizon 4 is out, doing great and looking oh so good. Thing is that even though the almighty big and powerful Xbox One X is out there, FH4 is very happy to show everyone that the standard Xbox One still has a lot of love to give.

We love the Forza Horizon photo modes, so much so that it’s possible that we spend upwards of 30% of our time with the game taking photos instead of driving around. To quote my 4 year old, “Dad, stop taking photos and just focus on driving“. We’ve been perving over this game every day, and taking photos whenever the opportunity arises and the conditions look optimal (read: a lot of the time), and we wanted to share it with you. Please note that all of these are captured on nothing but an original Xbox One. No X, no PC, no 4K magic.

Here are some of our favourites – click to see the bigger slideshow:

  • IMG_3774.jpg
  • IMG_3770.jpg
  • IMG_3768.jpg
  • IMG_3767.jpg
  • IMG_3766.jpg
  • IMG_3765.jpg
  • IMG_3764.jpg
  • IMG_3762.jpg
  • IMG_3760.jpg
  • IMG_3759.jpg
  • IMG_3754.jpg
  • IMG_3753.jpg
  • IMG_3749.jpg
  • IMG_3711.jpg
  • IMG_3710.jpg
  • IMG_3705.jpg
  • IMG_3704.jpg
  • IMG_3702.jpg
  • IMG_3671.jpg
  • IMG_3670.jpg
  • IMG_3669.jpg
  • IMG_3667.jpg
  • IMG_3666.jpg
  • IMG_3665.jpg
  • IMG_3664.jpg
  • IMG_3663.jpg
  • IMG_3662.jpg
  • IMG_3660.jpg
  • IMG_3659.jpg
  • IMG_3657.jpg
  • IMG_3643.jpg
  • IMG_3642.jpg

Hey, please remember that if liked the photos, please share them with your friends, share them on Twitter, print them out and send them to your local newspaper and demand that they dedicate a full page to them… you know, the usual. We really appreciated it!

Love the photos? We hope so! We love taking them.

If you have any of your own do share! Forza Horizon 3 already looked like amazing, and the drone mode showed that it could already make for a pretty awesome walking simulator, It makes me wish that they added a normal walk around mode in this game.

In case you missed it, our Forza Horizon 4 review is right here so give it a quick read!

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