Forza Horizon 3’s An Amazing… Walking Simulator?

Forza Horizon 3’s An Amazing… Walking Simulator?

A walking simulator? What the hell are you on about Nick, it’s got tons of amazing cars to drive, why would you walk?

Okay, so hear me out. First of all you can’t actually walk anywhere, although I’d really love that feature along with the ability to ride as a passenger. No… what I found out in my many hours spent with Forza Horizon 3 already, is that you if you’re in Drone Mode and you happen to put the Drone at around human head height and then ease the stick to allow for the pace of a stroll, you are met with quite an impressive experience.

The world of Forza Horizon 3 is so impressive that it feels like it could pass for a legitimate open world that you could play in as a person walking around, just like Skyrim or Fallout. Well, if Skyrim had some sexy-ass cars in it.

Don’t believe me or understand what I’m on about? I snapped some video that you can check out. Let’s start with this one, it’s got a nice mood to it thanks to the rain.

Here’s me out and about in the Outback in my Audi Quattro

And then a short walk while in Surfer’s Paradise

Pretty nifty right? It sucks having to sort of mimic walking around, so it would be really cool if Playground Games were to actually patch in a basic walking function while in drone mode. Maybe they’ll go with a bit more of an out-of-car experience with the next Forza Horizon, a sort of open-world Forzavista if you will. Take what I’m saying and add a splash of VR to it, and you can see that I might really be onto something here.

Drone Mode isn’t just there to make Barn Finds easier, so go toy around with it. I personally cannot wait to see what sort of cool things people come up, and on that note, here’s a final drone shot I took for the heck of it.

Forza Horizon 3 is officially out for everyone from today, see you all online and don’t forget that you can catch our full review here and even check out an early gallery of pretty pics that we put together too!

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