Our Review Method!

How does our rating scale work? We rate our games and films out of 5 stars as a scale of how much we would recommend it to you. Here’s a quick scale:

✪ Poor (0-5)
✪✪ Mediocre (6-7)
✪✪✪ Good (8)
✪✪✪✪ Great (9)
✪✪✪✪✪ Must-play! (10)

PLEASE NOTE: We score titles on how much we think they’re worth your time and money and not as if we were marking a products as an exam paper. Something can be shoddily put together but still hold a special place in our hearts.

Both our games and film reviews have different criteria that we rate them on, with the final score being an overall representation of our level of how much we recommend the title and not necessarily an average of the individual ratings.

While performance or gameplay ratings may be straightforward, it’s worth keeping your eye on the experience star rating, as it is the indication of just how much enjoyment or engagement we experienced while watching/playing.

What happened to Pennyworth Reviews? What’s all this “WhatsGood” stuff?

While the site originated as Pennyworth Reviews, we are shifting over to Whats Good for the future. Because of all the previous content we’ve provided you still might find references to Pennyworth Reviews here and there, as well as logos. If you could just go ahead and start ignoring those… that’d beee greeeeeaaat.

So How Do Your Reviews Work Exactly?

Unlike long format reviews, the goal of our reviews are to give you a professional opinion but in an easy, quick and casual style. We are the answer to “Hey, should I check this out” rather than “Tell me everything there is to know about this”.

Where game reviews are concerned, our reviews are a quick-look short format review based on what we gauge as enough time spent on a title that we feel we are able to provide the reader with an accurate opinion of the title’s worth, although we may also do additional research to ensure we give accurate information.

Do Your Reviews Ever Get Updated Or Modified?

Yes. To us a review is a living thing, capable of changing if need be. If we have already reviewed a film in theatres and it comes to Blu-Ray, we will update the review to reflect the value of the Blu-Ray special features and possibly suggest if we feel you should rent, buy or skip.

Video games are sometimes patched in such a significant way that the entire game is altered enough to warrant altering the review (see Diablo III for PC as as great example).

I Cn Also Totes Right Gud, Cn I Revue Things 4 Yo Sight?

If you didn’t notice any issues with the title above, then no. If however, you think you have the talent and passion to review video games and/or films and have some flexible/spare time available to you, you can send some of your work to nick@whatsgood.co.za with a short description of who you are any why you want to write about games or movies, and we may contact you back with opportunities to receive review copies of games or movies or possible attend early movie screenings.