13 GIFs That Explain A Newbie’s Bloodborne Experience

13 GIFs That Explain A Newbie’s Bloodborne Experience

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Bloodborne releases all around the world this week, with some experienced players of the From Software games eager to get their hands on it, while newcomers arrive in the bucketload to find out what all the fuss is about.

As anyone who knows anything about the “Souls” games will tell you, they are difficult… really difficult. In fact, the games’ difficulty are apart of what makes them unique as well as rewarding to those who dare to venture into their deep, dark depths. We received our very fancy-pants Press Review Kit earlier this week and as someone who has never played any of the developer’s previous games, I was thrown into the deep end.

Update: You can read our review of the game here!

Here’s my experience so far, with the assistance of animated GIFs:

Installing the game and getting ready to play:



Realising the character you created is finally perfect:


Stepping out with your badass-looking character into the world for the first time:


Your first encounter with an enemy:


Your face during most loading screens:


That moment right after you feel like you’re getting the hang of things:


When you’ve been lost for 15 mins, you’re full up with Blood Echoes and you find the other side of the gate leading to your lantern checkpoint:


When you think you just beat the game’s first boss and then the *actual* boss jumps out:


How your first boss battle actually goes:


When you figure out how to do a Visceral Attack:


When someone leaves a funny or clever note:


When you got cocky in that fight because you thought you had it and the enemy kills you with a powerful attack you’ve never seen before:


When everyone’s talking about playing Bloodborne on Twitter and you’re stuck working late.


Bonus: A video of the moment that Bloodborne took a couple of years off of my life expectancy.

Got any up your sleeve? Leave them in the comment below! Our Bloodborne review is LIVE, you can read it by clicking here