Gears Tactics | PC Game Review
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Gears Tactics | PC Game Review

What is Gears Tactics?

A turn-based action strategy game, set in the Gears of War universe.

Gears Tactics Review:

Gears of War is one of the last titles I would imagine to work as a turn-based strategy game. The action franchise just does not lend itself well to the slow paced turn based strategy genre, right? Wrong! It more than just works!

Let me make it clear right off the bat, I love Gears Tactics! It uses the Gears universe and perfectly combines it with the turn-based strategy of games like XCOM. Add to this combination an engaging narrative set before the events of the first Gears of War and I could not stop playing. My wife heard me say at 2 in the morning “just one more turn!”

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As a strategy game, Gears Tactics shines. The cover and limited use of items and power-ups forced me to think about a level and how it might turn out. I could not rush an enemy or I would be surrounded, and some enemies required certain skills to overcome.

But this is still a Gears of War game, so you would expect loads of action… and this game delivers! Finishing moves and explosions and destructible cover and great AI ensures that this game never feels slow or boring. The enemies are familiar, but not overused, and the variety ensures that no level plays out the same way twice.

Characters can level up and unlock abilities, and a roster of varied heroes bring unique abilities. Some of them will not make it to the end and the feels when one of them dies is real!

Normally this is where the negatives would come in, but I just cannot come up with anything. The game is a little resource hungry, but plays well on lower fidelity settings. It looks and sounds great, offers smooth gameplay and drags you into a great Gears adventure suitable for not only Gears fans, but action strategy game fans as well.


A great game for Gears of War fans and strategy fans alike.


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