Gears Tactics | Gameplay Overview Video

Gears Tactics | Gameplay Overview Video

Gears Tactics is a turn-based strategy game set in the Gears of War universe as a prequel, and is finally hitting PCs across the globe. We’ve been fortunate enough to have an early copy of the game, and we dive into a full mission of Gears Tactics to talk a little about our experiences with the franchise, as we well as check out how the game plays.

Myself and reviewer Oltman spend roughly 40 mins checking out gameplay, looking at the gameplay mechanics and discussing some of the details. Things go awry after we find ourselves under-equipped thanks to me requesting a demo of some of the abilities. We’ve got the full video here so please check it out and enjoy, or add it to your YouTube Watch Later list to check out later!


The first Gears of War (read our Gears Remastered review here) was originally released on 7 November 2006, and now nearly 14 years and a whole load of sequels laters we are finally being treated to something a little different. Gears of War ushered in an era of over the should cover shooters, and took a little less of the “dumb” out of shooters and injected a little more of a tactical approach. This is why it’s always felt like Gears was going to be well suited for some form of strategy game, and over time we’ve never quite known if we would ever get one. I personally loved the Company of Heroes games, and thought that Gears of War would be a great fit with the focus on smaller squads over large armies. Halo Wars (Read our review here)¬†also showed us that a franchise can successfully jump genres and provide a lot of great depth to the Halo universe (read our Halo 5 review here).

Gears Tactics screenshot close up of Locus being shot

With Gears Tactics being a tactical, turn-based shooters – the obvious comparison is going to be made with the much loved XCOM games. That’s because really… it’s fair enough to say, hey, it’s like XCOM but its Gears.

If you’ve always wanted to check a game like this out but been too afraid to try out XCOM like me, then you’ll definitely want to check out Gears Tactics.