Cult of the Lamb Review – For Flock’s Sake!
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Cult of the Lamb Review – For Flock’s Sake!


… is certainly not what I’ve been screaming at the cute forest animals I happened to have indoctrinated into my cult.

Cult of the Lamb is one of my favourite 2022 games so far, with a lot of adorable; a dash of evil; and a repetitive, satisfying gameplay loop that consists of building and maintaining a cult as well as going on action-packed rogue-lite Crusade runs.

Lamb Shank

Crusades which are quick dungeon-like runs which help with resources, followers and progressing the story.

Unlike other games in this genre like Hades (read our review, and also check out Dead Cells), when you die on a Crusade (which you will), you don’t lose everything.

Instead, you return to base where you may have another kind of problem on hand instead. Problems like a plague of poop or a cult member who’s unhappy with you dissenting against your rule.

Baa-ad to the Bone

Cult of the Lamb gives you lots of options in terms of how you want to play – but the most interesting part I have found is how you need to keep the cult at a happy medium. If you coddle your flock they tend to dissent, if you murder them relentlessly, then they tend to dissent.

It’s hard to find that decent cult leader middle ground, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.


Get Cult of the Lamb. Indoctrinate everyone. Become the best sheep this world has ever known.


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