Hot Lap League Mobile Review – Tracks, Mania!
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Hot Lap League Mobile Review – Tracks, Mania!

I’m not one to spend too much time playing games on my mobile devices these days, but my mind had a bit of a shift after receiving Hot Lap League to review.

What’s Good with Hot Lap League

Looks great
No ads
Micro-transactions not intrusive

Pricy on iOS
Still has micro-transactions

Hot Lap League is a paid (Google $4.99 / iOS $7.99) time trial game from Ultimate Studio that might look familiar to anyone who has played Trackmania, but that doesn’t mean they are that much the same.

While Trackmania (read our review for Trackmania Turbo here) is more about vehicular acrobatics, Hot Lap League asks you to make use of the drift mechanic to very carefully, and gently, hurtle your four-wheeled rocket through a track course in the quickest time possible.

I say gently, because to get the best times you need to minimise inputs and find the best lines to prevent yourself from scrubbing off speed with unnecessary movements. Screen controls are never ideal, but automatic acceleration and the need for minimal inputs work really well.

Hot Lap League boasts 150 tracks/configurations, daily events, visual customisation, leaderboard, and the visuals look great on mobile, with multiple graphics quality/performance settings, which all tested well on iPhone X.

Verdict: Hot Lap League is packed with lots of tracks and fun gameplay that constantly tempted me with a few minutes of fun that often turned into extended game sessions.



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