Burnout Paradise Remaster Review – Switch | Comes In Convertible
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Burnout Paradise Remaster Review – Switch | Comes In Convertible

What is it? A  Remaster of Burnout Paradise from the last generation, including all the DLC that came with it – now running on the Nintendo Switch. Most of your time is spent driving around an open-world taking on races and challenges while also being able to play online with friends or others.  – Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Verdict: Still fun, but growing a little tired beyond the novelty of now being available to play on the go.

NOTE: As we’ve already reviewed the Burnout Paradise Remaster for Playstation 4 / Xbox One, we have reposted the majority of that review below with a few changes where required.

Burnout Paradise was absolutely stunning in its day. Not just visually but the races and action were fun, the open-world was a great place to explore and you always felt like there was something fun around the corner. It also came with a great soundtrack and some nifty ideas like having street signs come up and indicate to let you know when you needed to turn.

Nothing’s changed, for better or for worse. This game is still a lot of fun to play, and holds up decently well – especially now that you are able to play it at home or on the move.

The game’s online modes all still work completely, so you can still join games, hook-up with friends and cause mayhem. Not only is it all there, but there’s more. I never got to play most of the DLC back then, so the addition of fun new cards to drive (especially one that mimics the Back to the Future DeLoren) and especially the bikes does give you some new things and places to toy with if you didn’t before.

So it’s Burnout Paradise – and that’s cool especially if you’re a huge fan who wants to jump back in. It still does benefit from the fact that there isn’t anything else quite like it available right now – nothing that glorifies speed, smashing and bashing in such a lovely way, anyway. So if you missed it the first time or you’re a fan who just wants it again, it’s worth a look.


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