6 of the BEST Samurai Movies for Ghost of Tsushima (and Shogun) Fans

6 of the BEST Samurai Movies for Ghost of Tsushima (and Shogun) Fans

The Last Samurai Poster and Movie Still Photo

6. The Last Samurai (2003)

Upon rewatching The Last Samurai for the first time since its release, I struggled to decide if I actually liked it or not. The major reason I’ve put this on the list is quite simple: If you really need something familiar to your Hollywood blockbuster needs, then this is a great way to introduce you to the world of Feudal Japan and the Samurai.

One of the best things about all the movies I’ve mentioned before is that they are compelling because they don’t follow formulas, and you really just don’t know what they’re going to do next.

The Last Samurai comfortably slots itself in the typical Hollywood groove that has a need to make other places the playground of the hero-man, in this case Tom Cruise, a war veteran who gets captured by Samurai while training an opposing army in Japan. An especially tough pill to swallow after being so sucked into the worlds presented in the films mentioned above.

It’s essentially just another remake of the white-man-joins-group-of-baddies-but-then-learns-more-about-them-and-joins-them formula that you’ve already seen in Dances with Wolves, Point Break, The Fast and the Furious (first one), Avatar and so on. That said, it’s still a well made film, with a great cast that includes Ken Watanabe and Hiroyuki Sanada. 

So if you’re really looking for something to kickstart things without being too much of a departure from what you’re used to, this isn’t a bad place to start.

Honourable Mentions:

The following are either honourable mentions I haven’t added, or films I’ve not yet seen but have been told they’re worth watching.

  • Hidden Fortress
  • Rashomon
  • Ran
  • Throne of Blood
  • 47 Ronin
  • Twilight Samurai
  • Kill Bill: Volumes 1 and 2

The End of The Great Samurai Film Adventure

Thanks for joining us on our journey, we hope that you enjoy many of these films as much as we did. We are now officially Samurai movie superfans, and can’t wait to catch up on even more of them.

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Bonus Video:

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