5 Incredible Movies Cyberpunk 2077 Fans Shouldn’t Miss

5 Incredible Movies Cyberpunk 2077 Fans Shouldn’t Miss

2. Ghost in the Shell

Anime took the Cyberpunk setting/genre and ran with it like no one else. As a result, we’ve been treated to some really amazing animated films, and Ghost in the Shell is definitely one of the best.

Ghost in the shell anime movie screenshots and quote

Just to be clear one more time, we are talking about the Japanese animated film and not the more recent live-action adaptation starring Scarlett Johansen, although the film does still get a lot of the visuals down quite nicely).

It’s got a great story too, so you really can’t go wrong watching this if you’ve somehow missed it so far. It deals with some really interesting topics regarding existentialism and more, and then backs it all up with awesome action scenes and stunning futuristic visuals.

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