Wolfenstein: The New Order
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Wolfenstein: The New Order

What is it? An action first-person sci-fi shooter set in an alternate reality 1960s where the Nazis won World War II, but face a new resistance led by a soldier who has awoken from an injury to discover that the world has taken a horrible turn.

Wolfenstein returns as an incredibly worthy and enjoyable celebration of what made the original action first-person shooters so much fun to play in the first place. That, combined with all of the wonderful modern advancements in visuals, storytelling and gameplay, means that you are treated to a game that places a rich sense of entertainment value as its top priority.

Whether you’re duel-wielding upgraded shotguns on a train or slitting Nazi throats in a concentration camp the gameplay is visceral and smooth. Perks that naturally unlock by completing objectives that compliment your play style make your advancements fun, but simple to enjoy. Each level is packed with secret goodies, offering extra incentive for exploration or extra play-throughs of the 12-14 hour campaign.

The storytelling deserves a special mention for being way deeper and nuanced than one would expect from the genre and fantastic use of sound/music noticeably compliments the package. There’s no multiplayer, but with a campaign this enjoyable, it’s a welcome trade-off.

Developer: Machine Games  |  PC, PS3/4, Xbox 360/One  |  Metacritic: 82%




  1. Rince August 11, 2014

    Need to get this game!

    • Nick de Bruyne August 11, 2014

      You won’t be disappointed. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a pure shooter like this. The strange thing is that all along I was told I was going to be playing a really crazy arcade-like shooter kind of like the shooters of old, but instead this game mixes its gameplay up and combines it with such a smart level of presentation. Its more Half Life 2 than it is COD, thats for sure.

      • Rince August 11, 2014

        Is it more like Metro: Last Night than CoD? I mean I don’t mind fast action games but prefer ones where I get to look at my environment, not just charge by it.

        • Nick de Bruyne August 18, 2014

          Way more like Metro, it reminds me more of the Half Life style of games, which Metro did too. I thought this game was just gonna be top speed guns a blazin’. Was quite surprised.

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