Trials Rising Review – Getting High
Gameplay 5
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Trials still delivers the goods!

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Trials Rising Review – Getting High

What is it? The latest in a creative and somewhat nutty 2.5D motorbike game series where you have to complete varied tracks or challenges around the world by navigating obstacles using mostly only acceleration, braking and leaning.

PROS: Really fun, creative level design | Variety of modes | Track builder | Fun campaign | Listening to your rider’s hilarious screams | Great example of “easy to learn, hard to master” | Soundtrack

CONS: Can be frustrating for the certain personality types (bring some patience and the will to improve!) | Unneeded lootbox-like unlock system

Verdict: Super fun! After all this time, Trials still delivers.

Available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, (Switch version is available but is slightly different)


I fell in love with Trials HD when I first played it on my Xbox 360 all those years ago. It was so easy to learn and just so much fun. The same still rings true for Trials Rising, and it still provides the same curve that allows you to goof around and enjoy tracks at first, and then put your grown-up pants on later to get Golds on all the tracks even even just complete some of the later ones at all. If you can get some friends into a leaderboard battle, clear your schedule.

We did a short “Quicklook” gameplay video showing off 2 levels, you can watch it here!

With a control system that’s so easy to wrap your head around, the game (based on real riders who jump onto and over crap with their bikes) is really just all about understanding the physics of the bikes to get them to do what you want so you can continue, and what really makes it great is that it’s wrapped up in such a fun and exciting package. I especially liked the soundtrack that reminded me of the days of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater where you found yourself falling in love with some of the tunes.

Great and varied level design keeps you smiling as you visit different global locations, and modes that include stunt challenges, hot-seat and multiplayer goodness make this a worthwhile package, especially when you take the level editor and community aspects into account.

If you once loved Trials but took a break, it wants you back, baby. If you’ve never tried a Trials game, this is a perfect time to jump on!

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