The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA TOUR Review – A Swing Or A Miss?
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The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA TOUR Review – A Swing Or A Miss?

What is it?¬†A realistic golf simulator with the easiest course editor in the world. –¬†Reviewed on Xbox One. Also available on PC, PS4

Pros: Endless replay-ability with random courses and online communities.

Cons: Only a handful of official courses and no real life professionals

Verdict: Pretty good, but could still work on its game.

When playing a round of golf you only need to hit one great shot in order to get back on the course the following week. The same applies to the third edition of The Golf Club franchise. On the harder difficulties you will not score a lot of birdies, and your short game will have to be sharp. But when you play that sweet up and down out of the bunker you will feel like a real pro!

The game uses a real swing mechanic where the tempo of your swing is just as important as the accuracy of your shots, and customising your shots is easy with every flop, drop, chip, punch, fade and draw accurately modelled. Customising your player and kit bag is present, although lacking in accessories and licensing. No matter the sex of your player, their strength and accuracy is purely dependent on your skill, not on their sex.

The 2019 edition now includes the PGA Tour, but this is on name only. In career mode you start off as a rookie that works your way to the PGA Tour, and even the FedEx cup, but there are no real life pros to compete against and only about six real life courses to play on. All the negativity is completely overshadowed by the great course designer, though, and an unlimited amount of courses can be randomly generated on various terrain types and then played, fine tuned and shared. This essentially means this may have the best replay-ability in any golf game… possibly ever.

The Golf Club is really solid, with some of the same pitfalls as real golf. You’ll never get bored of the infinite courses on offer, though.


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