The BRAND NEW Logitech G502 X Plus Review – Gaming Benchmark
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The BRAND NEW Logitech G502 X Plus Review – Gaming Benchmark

Damn it, Logitech. It’s almost as if you’ve been reading my previous reviews.

They seem to have heard my complaint about the G102’s weight, except they fixed it… on a wireless mouse.

Now that’s something I’ll write home about.

Logitech G502 X Plus Review

The Logitech G502 X Plus is everything a wireless gaming mouse should be: light, long lasting and ergonomic. It has a 25600 DPI sensor, new-fangled switches, and a replaceable DPI switch button.

The scroll wheel can toggle between two states: ratcheted and smooth. The G502 X Plus also had onboard profiles, and a grippy matte surface. There’s USB type-c charging and a wired mode too. You’ll also get 8 RGB customisable RGB zones. The PTFE feet are pretty damn slick too. It also weighs in at a very light 106g.

The supplied Lightspeed wireless dongle fits under the mouse via a magnetic cover. It’ll also work with Logitech’s new wireless mechanical keyboards.

Players can choose to operate G502 X with the same receiver as their G915, G915 TKL, or G715 gaming keyboards.

For those looking to light up their life further there is as usual the assortment of lighting modes in G Hub.

Jack of All Trades

Does it work function for day to day use and for gaming?

Yes, it does, and it does so in a matter so unpretentious and competent it’s now my daily driver. Yes, it replaced my Coolermaster Mastermouse MM711, and that was the best mouse I’ve ever used. It also comes in black and white.

It worked great for my current staples: No Man’s Sky, Doom Eternal and Quake Enhanced Edition.

I didn’t lose any accuracy and having no cable meant no cable management unless charging. I found it easy to lift and move around while aiming around too.

RGB stands for “Really Good Battery”

For battery life, I went above 130 hours without RGB and got to around 55 hours with RGB enabled. Very convenient for a gaming mouse, but a far cry from the 3 months peak run I got on my Logitech MX Ergo.

This is a gaming mouse so I didn’t expect months of use on a single charge. Great job, Logitech!

Cat and Mouse

Is there anything does not work so well? Yes, a few things.

The two default DPI switch buttons are way too easy to reach when using claw grip. I dropped down to 800 DPI several times from my usual 1600 to 2000 DPI without knowing. The DPI switch button was still too far to reach for my thumb.

Battery life while using RGB was very low but the G Hub software Logitech provides does allow for dimming the lighting. The white model also attracts fluff way too easily for my liking.

I also found that the default DPI increase button was a little hard to reach with my index finger. It’s not a big deal since I rarely DPI switch mid-gameplay anyway.

You Could Be A Model

Logitech offers 3 models with the new G502 X: the G502 X, a wired model. The G 502 X Lightspeed and the G502 X Plus are the wireless variants. The X Plus offers lightsync functionality where the Lightspeed does not.

Expect the same sensor performance across all three models with weight and features being the differentiators between each.

Depending on your budget, you will find a G502 that will work for you.

Verdict: If you’re not hard up for RGB lighting, I’d recommend the G502 Lightspeed because you get the great wireless functionality along with better battery life than the G502 X Plus. Still, if you have the money to spend, the Logitech G502 X Plus is a great mouse nonetheless.

Additional info:

Local pricing (South Africa):

G 502 X – R1,499.00
G 502 Lightspeed – R2,699.00
G 502 Plus (with Lightsync) – R2,999.00

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