Super Mario Bros. Wonder Review – Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Review – Nintendo Switch

Hot off the heels of the insanely successful animated movie, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is basically just Nintendo showing off and look at it… isn’t this game just a f***ing delight?

In a month like October where Halloween approaches, and everyone’s running spooky seasonal events and dropping horror games and tv shows, Nintendo comes along to give everyone a big, brightly coloured middle finger by releasing one of the most wonderfully joyous games in existence – and all without battle passes, buggy launches and all that nonsense we’re becoming way too accustomed to.

Well screw you too Nintendo, because it’s awesome – and like a trip to McDonalds on an empty stomach, I’m Lovin’ It.

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Back to its roots

While I and many other gamers from my generation grew up playing Mario on the, errr… N–E–S, I’ve missed many of them over the past 2 decades and don’t have that same ongoing attachment to the genre that bigger Nintendo fans might.

Set in the Flower Kingdom, Super Mario Wonder is one of the best-feeling 2D platformers I’ve probably ever played, with responsive controls, great levels, stunning art and sound design and as you’d expect, a load of creativity in its game design.

It’s a 2D Mario game, and a very, very good one at that – maybe one of the best.

Super Mario Wonder is Nintendo going back to where it all started, and then showing everyone that not only can they still pull a 2D platformer off, but that they’re still housing some of the most talented, creative developers in the business.

The End of an Era

We’re coming to the end of this Switch’s run, and at the time of writing we don’t know exactly what Nintendo have in store next, but after dropping some of the best games of the past decade, Nintendo have capped off 2023 and bookended the Nintendo Switch’s library by doing they do best. It’s super impressive.

If you don’t like Mario and you don’t like Nintendo games, this isn’t here to convince or convert you – and there’s no shortage of options on the opposite end of the spectrum right now.

Verdict: Super Mario Wonder is both gaming and Nintendo at its purest. Fun, creative, joyful, great to play with friends, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for just that.

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