Rocket Arena – PC Game Review | Empty Arena
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Rocket Arena – PC Game Review | Empty Arena

What is it?

A PC team-based action shooter, focusing exclusively on rockets.


  • Rockets!
  • Rocket jumping!


  • Novelty wears thin pretty fast
  • Online seems pretty dead already


Rocket Arena is a 3 v 3 shooter, exclusively focusing on rockets as weapons. The game originally found popularity as a mod for Quake, way back in the day, and unfortunately does not have enough content to make it feel like a full release today.

The game is a solid attempt at a multiplayer shooter, with various characters with special abilities combating across multiple creative levels. Whether you need a tanky hero with massively slow rockets, or prefer a more nimble character with sniper rockets, your tastes should be catered for. The arcade nature of the gameplay is enhanced with triple jumping and the ability to dodge rockets with the push of a button. The colourful, cartoony design also adds to the fun nature of the game.

Knock, knock

Unlike most shooters the idea is not to kill your opponent, but rather knock them off the edge of the map. This makes the game a little more friendly to younger audiences, something many games seem to overlook.

But unfortunately, as good as the game might sound, it just does not feel like it warrants a full standalone release. As a mod or DLC for a modern shooter, this has a lot of potential, but I just could not stick with the game for extended periods without losing interest.

Echo (Echo)

That is not a good sign as I tend to be very forgiving to most games, especially when they try something different. Add to that the fact that I really struggled to find any online games (I really only managed 1 full game online) and rapidly dwindling numbers online, and it seems like this game is dead before it has a real chance to prove itself.

Verdict: Rocket Arena would be much better as a free to play title


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