Pure Farming 2018 Review – Don’t Fear The Reaper
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Pure Farming 2018 Review – Don’t Fear The Reaper

What is it? A farming simulator, covering all aspects of running a farm – Reviewed on PC

Verdict: As good as farming games get, apart from risks of land expropriation without compensation.

I grew up on a farm, and, knowing how much hard work it is to be a farmer, I vowed to never become a farmer. Thus I am astonished at how much I like Pure Farming 2018.

Unlike other farming simulators, Pure Farming 2018 is more than just a tractor driving simulator. As the farmer you need to run your farm’s finances, maintain equipment, expand operations and ultimately make a profit. Whether you choose to do so with crops or animals, ultimately a lot of care will have to be applied to ensure maximum success.

The player starts with the bare minimum of implements and property to start this money making venture. Fields must be plowed, seeds planted and irrigated, crops harvested and sold. Once money allows for it, more field and tractors can be bought, and crops expanded. Thankfully you do not have to perform every task yourself, and hired help can make quick work of the menial tasks. Modern tools of the trade like drones and massive trucks and implements makes life easier too.

A series of initial task will help get you into the routine of being a farmer. As always in the farming community, side quests helping your neighbour will provide some extra income while you wait for your crops to grow. The Free Farm mode though, is where the game really shines, where you as farmer makes all your own decisions.

Various maps with specific produce will help provide some variety in being a farmer, stretching from Japan to Germany and Montana in the US. And if growing crops is not your thing then you can have chickens, sheep, cattle and even rabbits to farm with. That is if you can get over the emotional stresses when selling off rabbits!

As much as Pure Farming 2018 sounds like a chore and a bore, there is something blissful about raising your chickens or harvesting crops. At the end of a hard day’s work you literally get to reap your rewards.



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