PGA 2K21 Review – PC/Windows – Fore!
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PGA 2K21 Review – PC/Windows – Fore!

What is it?

The best golf game for players of any level.


  • PGA license
  • Unlimited courses
  • A breeze to play


  • Can be prettier
  • Made me shout at a virtual flying ball


If you do not understand the rules of golf, I suggest you look for Robin Williams’ explanation of how the Scots invented the sport. Hilarious! And then for those of us who do not have the time or money to invest in the real sport, getting PGA 2K21 is the very next best thing.

As a sports game, PGA 2K21 has everything I could want. It allows me to adjust the difficulty to a level that gives me enough of a challenge, yet make it easy enough to beat legends of the sport without breaking a sweat (Sorry Sergio!). The swing mechanic allows for controllers and keyboard and mouse combinations, and, if you have ever seen anyone play golf, is quite intuitive. Just start slow and up the difficulties from there if you do not want to teach your kids new swear words!

I particularly enjoy the career mode, making me play through a few amateur seasons sharpening my clubs before graduating to the PGA tour. All along the way I unlocked outfits only golfers can get away with.

It also contains enough real courses to practise my strokes on, yet if those are not enough, I made my own course with the amazing golf course editor. I found the randomly generated courses are so good though that I don’t need to make an accurate rendition of my local course.

And I never have to play alone either. PGA 2K21 has a multitude of play options both online, offline and various modes on the couch. And the matchmaking is pretty great where I played against other players with similar handicaps, making for close tournaments.

The game requires low resources, making it to run on pretty low spec laptops, allowing more people to experience the game. This does have the negative effect of not making this the prettiest game out there.

Now bend your knees, keep your head steady, grip it and rip it!


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