PES 2019 – Winning Eleven indeed! | Xbox One Review
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PES 2019 – Winning Eleven indeed! | Xbox One Review

What is it? A detailed football simulation that plays exceptionally well.  – Reviewed on Xbox. Available on PS4, PC

Verdict: A beautiful game of the beautiful game!

Football fans are for life. The same goes for football games. Pro Evolution Soccer or PES 2019, is no exception. And just like any fan of the beautiful game should enjoy and appreciate an opposition team, so too should PES 2019 be given a chance by gamers.

PES 2019 (or Winning Eleven 2019 in Japan) is a comprehensive football game, with just about everything you would expect from a modern sports title. Single player games are fully covered by licensed leagues and friendly matches, as well as the Become A Legend mode where you can turn a nobody into a world star.

For those who like to play with others there are standard online friendly matches, or a 22-man online match! MyClub is the PES online league mode were you can customise your team, take on other teams and enter online leagues. It is in this mode where you will find legendary players of yesteryear like Diego Maradona and David Beckham who can join your team, for a fee of course.

Various clubs and competitions have been officially licensed, from Arsenal to Barcelona. This allowed the game to have very accurate representations of the various players and stadiums. However, some of the most popular competitions and thus teams and players, unfortunately have not been licensed, costing the game some of its appeal.

Where it really matters for the game, in the way it plays a game of football, PES 2019 really shines. The game affords those with skill to perform well, while at the same time giving beginners the chance to feel like they stand a chance. The controls are intuitive enough that if you have played a football game before you will immediately know how to pass, shoot and tackle. Controlling the pace of the game with dynamic strategies is easy and soon becomes second nature. Predicting AI teammates’ movement, playing a through ball or setting up the cross in front of the box are all done with great control. Thankfully diving does not rear its ugly head!

The game looks incredible and performs very smoothly. Weather like snow and rain changes the pitch and player’s performance. Silly details like broadcasting teams or the goal keepers water bottles simply adds to the immersion. And the game includes one of the best crowds I have seen in a sport game.

As good as PES 2019 is there are a few small blemishes. It lost some valuable licenses like the UEFA Champions League and also only has limited club and player licenses. At times your teammates can be dumb, running in front of your player tripping them up. So it would appear to be the underdog in the football game genre. But this underdog has a lot of appeal and could upset the champion, earning itself some new die-hard fans.


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