Onrush races are best viewed from an Overwatch | Game Review
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Onrush races are best viewed from an Overwatch | Game Review

WHAT IS IT: A team focused racing game where most of the modes require team work to succeed. Taking down opposition cars, boosting your speed and taking crazy jumps is what the game is all about. All races are 5 vs 5 affairs, where the blue and orange teams compete for glory. The teams need to boost for points, control a moving target zone, or eliminate the other team to win the round.

VERDICT: A quick, fun distraction that might only be a flash in the pan.

For a racing game Onrush has a lot in common with games like Overwatch or DOTA. The vehicle selection consists of 8 different vehicles, ranging from bikes to big heavy vehicles. Each one gather up boost in a different way and when you have gained enough boost you can activate your ultimate. Your ultimate skill will boost your team’s performance, enhance your own take-down ability or influence the opposition to the point of making them vulnerable.

The tracks are all focused on high risk, high reward, high altitude game-play. Big jumps and crazy settings make it a lot of fun. Finding team-mates to enjoy the game with is as easy as hopping into the quick-play menu and joining a random map, with a random game mode and having fun. You are rewarded with loot crates after each round, depending on your performance and levelling up. Luckily there are absolutely only cosmetic crates, and no crates are behind any real money keys. There is also still a promised Ranked mode coming, but this has not been released yet.

Onrush is a fun, fast game that you can hop into for a few quick rounds online. It does not take a lot of skill, but sure delivers a lot of fun. I have doubt over its longevity though.


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