MXGP Pro Really Dishes The Dirt | Console Review
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MXGP Pro Really Dishes The Dirt | Console Review

WHAT IS IT: A realistic motocross racing game with all the bells, whistles and licenses. – Reviewed on PS4

VERDICT: A motocross racing game finally gets it right!

Good motocross games are hard to come by. MXGP Pro, however, is a dedicated motocross racing game. No stunts for points. No boost. No crazy upgrades. Just pure, unadulterated motocross fun!

With all the expected single player, multiplayer, career and championship options, MXGP Pro offers you a variety of ways to get stuck in and ride. The game is a simulation game, so the tutorials are thus a must for anybody new to the series. Instructions on how weight distribution is used for maximum traction, using front and rear brakes, to name a few, will have you cutting up the dirt tracks in no time. There is now also a semi-open world compound to train in and get familiar with your bike. Finally difficulty levels and driving aids cater for all motocross fans.

You can choose from the MX2 league or the MXGP league where the real pros come out to play. Your choice of all the manufacturers in the 125cc, 250cc or 450cc categories are available from the start and can be modified further for extra performance. The tracks from all the major continents offer a variety of styles: fast and long or tight slow corners with varying surfaces from sand to dirt to mud. All of them feel inspired and crafted with care. Weather seems fixed, as the mud tracks are always muddy and others are always clear. It must suck to live in Argentina.

An important feature for a simulation game these days appear to be the rewind function. The realism of MXGP Pro mean you will eat dirt a lot! When you are in the front you will kick up dirt into the guys behind you, creating ruts in the track. These ruts did not appear to have too much of an effect but does create an easy to follow racing line after a few laps.

For a modern game the loading times are simply ridiculous. Between each race the compound is loaded, whether you want to continue to the next race or not. All loading takes a really long time.

MXGP Pro is worth the investment to learn the nuances of motocross and getting to know the tracks. It is really rewarding to get your first podium finish, and when you get to the top of the podium you feel like a legend. I have been waiting for a motocross game worthy of my racing collection and this is it!


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