Lego Movie 2 Video Game Review | PS4 Review
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Lego Movie 2 Video Game Review | PS4 Review

What is it? An open world Lego game based on the second Lego movie, breaking the usual licensed Lego video game mould.

  • PROS: A magical open world that is fun for the whole family
  • CONS: Some sub-par voice acting | Some movie spoilers

Verdict: Good, clean family fun for all

Reviewed on: PS4 | Also available on Xbox One, PC, Switch


Lego, and more particularly Lego-themed video games, are always favourites in my house. My eldest of 7 loves playing them with me and I often convince my wife that we buy them “for the kids”.

The Lego Movie 2 Video Game is breaking the mould of the usual Lego games. You wont find linear levels here. The game has various Lego themed worlds and each one is a huge open world with not just a variety of activities, but various ways of completing them.

The game feels more like the Minecraft inspired Lego Worlds than other Lego games, everything is made up of Lego bricks and nearly everything can be destroyed. Walking around the wonderfully different worlds with my character made me wish I was a little plastic man myself. All the charm of the best Lego games are here too. The worlds are beautiful, the humour is still here, and the amazing co-op gameplay still has me and the kids shrieking with joy. It also has the added benefit of being a little more complex than other Lego games, acting as the perfect jumping pad to progress younger players to a little bit more complexity in their gaming diet.

However, I could not shake the feeling that the game’s voice acting was below the usual high standard. Characters sounded sarcastic and plastic to me. The irony of that is not lost on me, but the movies and games normally deliver nothing but top-notch.

If you like Lego or co-op games you will love this one. And best of all, the whole family will love it too!


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