Is The Division Going To Be A Flop?

Is The Division Going To Be A Flop?

This past weekend I finally got to get my grubby paws on The Division while attending the rAge 2015 Gaming Expo (in South Africa, for anyone confused) and after playing through what is pretty much the code from E3, I have a much better idea of what to expect from the game but let’s be clear, this isn’t a hands-on preview post. What I really want to think about, is what the headline suggests. Do we have a potential flop on our hands?

Hooked on a Feelin’

What I can tell you right off the bat is that I was quite impressed with how the game handled as a whole, the controls felt good, the movement and character weight felt nice and the shooting was not quite what I expected, but in the good way… I think. There is a heavy RPG-like feeling to the action, in that firing at enemies popped off damage numbers from their bodies, and it was far from the sort of scenario where you fire off a neat burst of 5-7 rounds into an enemy and watch themΒ go down, as is the case with your other standard modern shooters like COD or BF4 these days. The visuals on the Xbox One build we played were incredibly blurry though, due to what seemed like a low res being upscaled, maybe 720p or even less I’m not sure, but in this case I’m going to completely chalk it up to being very early code and not worry about it too much yet (I’m not going to hold my breath for 1080p on XBO though).

We played as 3 people together, but were one of 4 teams playing, all tasked with getting into a PvP area so that we can extract our sweet loot. In the real game you can like talk to the other people and get along, but in this case they told us the comms weren’t really up, so we must just go monkey-balls on each other, which we did.

I’m not going to get into the specifics of what we had to do and how it worked, because there’s been enough of that this year already and I posted that official video here for you to see. What I do want to bring up is that if felt very apparent to me very quickly that this game has a massive amount of potential for fun, exploration and experiences with friends… but in order to get that experience, Ubisoft is really going to have to nail every aspect or the game, or it may just all fall apart.

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  1. Hvd October 13, 2015

    many people think this is the next dayz or arma 3 type game.when they find out its a cover shooter they will go back to dayz and arma 3.
    its a cover shooter like gears of war.why do you think we havent seen hardly and gameplay footage except for their scripted game play.
    i think they mite fear the back lash about it being a cover shooter.

    now im not saying it mite not be fun.i just thin most people have the wrong idea about this game and they will get some back lash from them.we will find out in beta tho.i will be watching twitch closely.

    • Spathi October 13, 2015

      Well, you just killed any excitement I had for the game! Thanks for that πŸ™‚

      Well, better to expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised as opposed to being disappointed.

      • Hvd October 13, 2015

        in all the videos of game playwhat do you see them doing cover shooting.even in the latest video if you watch you see a yellow marker of where they can get cover.i still havent seen them shoot standing up or prone.i guess it doesnt look good for scripted dogs had a cover system remember and it was ok.

        but isnt it streaged they have let no one stream an alpha.they have had only scripted game not saying it wont be a fun game.its just not dayz or arma3.

    • Nick de Bruyne October 13, 2015

      Yeah I mean I’ve played it myself, it’s definitely not going to be the equivalent of those hardcore shooters, but maybe more a mix of some of the concepts. I think what will surprise people the most is the RPG feel of the combat/damage. Its not hardcore in that sense at all, no quick takedowns etc. I think its more than just a cover shooter though, I think a lot of the fun is planned to be found in the exploration and looting systems as well.

      • Hvd October 13, 2015

        i think this is a made for console game like eso just trying to let people know what its about cover and shoot and the mobs cover and shoot.these twitch streamers think its like dayz.but when they find out its a cover shooter they will talk bad about is a rpg but the gamy play is what im worried about.cover and shot every mob is going to get borning real fast.

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