Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels DLC Review | Cool Runnings
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Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels DLC Review | Cool Runnings

What is it? A downloadable expansion to Forza Horizon 3 that adds a Hot Wheels island full of crazy life-size orange plastic Hot Wheels circuits, speed boosts and of course… drivable full sized versions of Hot Wheels cars.

Verdict: Fun and different… but could have been so much more if they didn’t hold back.

Forza Horizon 3 is already a pretty damn incredible game and one of my favourites of the generation. It already includes a massive map full of varied environments and greats cars, as well as an expansion that opens it up to snow and hardcore cars made for the slippery stuff… so what happens when you decide to go a little crazy? The Hot Wheels expansion has a serious cool factor to it that I just love and admire in so many ways. The drivable versions of the crazy toys are exciting to drive and cool to look at and really offer quite a different experience to what you’re used to, but don’t fret if you wanna jump in your favourite Lambo, because all cars are still available,

Racing the tracks in the Hot Wheels DLC can best be described as partaking in a rollercoaster or bobsled race, and huge roaring engines power massive speed boost pads to make things exciting and take you on some circuits that make your eyes wanna spin in their sockets as you hit massive banked curves and huge loop-the-loops. The real problem is that the racing, while fun, feels fairly limited to that single experience.

A giant Hot Wheels track on a gorgeous island with life-size Hot Wheels cars is a crazy idea, and if you’re going to go crazy then why not turn the dial right up to eleven? In many ways the racing reminded me of the game WipEout, with its twists, turns and speed boosts, but then you realise that without some sort of weapon or gadget system to go with it, WipeOut would actually get stale fairly quick. That’s the Hot Wheel DLC in a nutshell. There’s new¬†cool stuff to do, it looks beautiful and its still a decent amount of fun but I just can’t help but get over thinking that it could have been so much more if the didn’t hold back.


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