Is FAR CRY 5 The Real American Dream?  | Game Review
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Is FAR CRY 5 The Real American Dream? | Game Review

What is it? An unrelated sequel in a line of shooters that have you running, driving, flying, zip-lining and causing all sorts of mayhem in an open-world setting. Far Cry games usually focus on the quirky personality of their villains and the game encourages fun, exploration and collection activities. Far Cry 5 is set in Montana, USA and revolves around a cult leader and his siblings using questionable (mostly violent) methods to wash away the sins of the people.  – Reviewed on Playstation 4 Pro

Verdict: A good ol’ fashioned shindig. It’s still Far Cry, but with welcome refinements.

If you’re like me, you’ve enjoyed the Far Cry games so far but found yourself sort of tired of it all, especially since FC4 wasn’t a huge step, and Primal took millions of years to get interesting. Far Cry has been in need of a serious overhaul a la Assassin’s Creed to get people’s interest up again and while Far Cry 5 isn’t exactly that, it still features enough refinements to their systems to get things feeling fresh again.

The setting and enemies add a unique twist for sure, especially as the gorgeous, ginormous map is split into three main areas, and run by each of cult leader Joseph Seed’s siblings, which you, a stranded deputy must face one by one to save all of humankin- well, you’re fighting the good fight, and it gets a bit weird at times, okay? What’s interesting is that eavesdropping gets you onto the idea that the cultists really do think they’re doing real good, and it sort of blurs the lines a bit. Well, only a little, because you’re still going to rain unapologetic hell down on all of them.

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Far Cry 5 is stunningly beautiful, gets you into the action as quickly as it can, and then does what it can to keep you there – even poking a bit of fun at some elements from past games that have gotten a little tired. It doesn’t take long and you have access to the full map, with a range of great weapons, vehicles and AI partners at your disposal. A lot of the grindy bits such as hunting to craft items has been taken away, for better or worse but its clear that Far Cry 5 wants you in the action and having fun with a variety of main missions and fun activities to play with. The action feels great, gunplay feels amazing, stealth is a little useless but hey, who cares when you can throw C4 at bears from a helicopter? Even better, you can do it with a friend online, and even better-er there’s a new Far Cry Arcade mode which takes the previous map editor modes to a new level and even includes assets from other Ubisoft games for people to use. Pretty radical dude, man. Hip.

So if you’re a fan of Far Cry but got a little bored, there’s a lot of refinements to get you excited again. If you’re new to Far Cry this is an excellent jumping on point because Far Cry has never been better. Just don’t expect something completely new.

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