Disney Dreamlight Valley (Early Access) Review
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Disney Dreamlight Valley (Early Access) Review

Disney Dreamlight Valley Review

Yes, I am one of those Disney girls.

Disney Dreamlight Valley came out on Tuesday 6th September and I haven’t played anything else since. I started it for free on my Xbox, then I cloud-saved and moved over to Steam, and then I spent money so I could play the game in bed on my switch.

What can I say? Comfort always wins.

For a game in early access, it already has a point against multiple other AAAs who still can’t achieve this kind of cross platform gameplay. Let’s just not mention PlayStation… they’re shooting themselves in the foot, and have been for some time now.

There has always been something about Disney that has been my thing.

In saying this, I wasn’t holding out too much hope for a “free-to-play” life sim that sort of looked like the Sims 4 mobile.

It isn’t that. It’s wonderful.

Think Animal Crossing with some Stardew Valley and then add Disney.

It’s a calming escape to a valley where you can meet and make friends with beloved Disney and Pixar characters, farm, fish, decorate, take part in events and imagine to your heart’s content.

While I mention spending money, I bought a founders pack that only included cosmetics. The future of the game is said not to be pay to win with purchases remaining only on the cosmetic side of things, but I guess only time and how well it does in the mainstream gaming market will tell.

We’ll follow up when the game leaves early access and let you all know if the Disney magic remained.


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