Dead Run [Mobile]
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Value 3
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Dead Run [Mobile]

What is it? Melee or shoot zombies as you run, while also trying to avoid harming any humans.

Dead Run comes from the mold of mobile games designed to use as little input as possible and be easy to play in really short bursts. Costing only a dollar and having charming yet simplistic retro visuals, it doesn’t ask a lot and delivers just as much, so it’s a fair trade.

Gameplay is ruthlessly hard but fun and requires all your attention as you work hard to distinguish between Zombie or human before deciding to attack or hold back.

It offers little in terms of variety or challenges beyond the leaderboard in the way that say, Jetpack Joyride might, but it definitely does its job of giving you a short and challenging burst of reaction-based gameplay when you only have a few minutes to spare, especially for the low price.

Developer Twoplus Games | Available on iOS


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