DAKAR DESERT RALLY Review – A Fun But Bumpy Ride | WhatsGood
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DAKAR DESERT RALLY Review – A Fun But Bumpy Ride | WhatsGood

Dakar Desert Rally Review

Dakar desert rally came out of nowhere. We’ve been checking it out and it’s actually a surprising amount of fun.

Despite the Dakar Really being so famous, their haven’t actually been many games about in the past. What you basically need to know, is that you go barreling through huge environments in vehicles that consist of big trucks, cars, bikes and quad bikes.

In order to do this you have to learn and follow some pretty intense instructions. So while it’s sort of like rally, what I really like is that it doesn’t have that moment-to-moment intensity that a rally course does. It’s got three types of difficulty modes; one has you going alongside other competitors like they don’t do in real life, while the other two modes are more like the real thing, without any visual aids on screen to help you know where you need to go next.

While the game has a ton of potential and it is a lot of fun, there are also a lot of problems.


While the graphics modes give you quality (resolution) and performance modes, the performance mode is all over the place, so don’t expect to smooth 60 frames per second here.

Handling is also really hit or miss, and while driving the bigger trucks and the cars are pretty cool, the bikes and the quad bikes are really just not so great, often having you spin off or just fly off for no reason.

I also gave it a go on my force feedback steering wheel… but there was no force feedback effect. Some other features are also missing at launch and promised for later.

I’ve had a good time playing Dakar Desert Rally, but the truth is that it needs more time. That means if there’s no real reason to rush up and buy it right now, I really do hope they give it the attention it deserves, so that it gives everyone a good reason to pick it up.

VERDICT: So if this looks like your thing and you’re not that worried about some rough edges, I’d say you should definitely check it out. For everyone else, you can hang on a bit – they’ve still got some work to do.


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