Cursed to Golf Review – Hell in One (Nintendo Switch)
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Cursed to Golf Review – Hell in One (Nintendo Switch)

I am as good at 2D golf as I am at the real thing. Cursed to Golf brings real golf to life. Hell. That’s what golf is.

Wandering around a huge field with a tiny, hard to see white ball and a couple of sticks.

This time you’re dead, and the only way to ascend out of the golf course hell you’ve found yourself in, is to beat 18 holes of torturous physics based, turn-limited golf. 

Par for the Curse

There isn’t much story to Cursed to Golf. When it comes to core game experience the courses change and become more and more difficult, you have a choice of 3 sticks to use, and there is a guiding line for where your shot will go if released at the right time.

You’ll find all the usual golf things like bunkers, roughs, fairways and green… but there are also a couple TNT blocks here and there, a zombie or two, and then tortuous bumpers that turn 2D golf into 2D pinball.

Oh, sometimes there are multiple paths to pick to get to the hole too, and generally, I took the longest, wrongest, one.

Afraid of the Bogey-Man

Interestingly the inclusion of some “power cards” and the ability to spin the ball one way or the other (while it’s still airborne) added some change to the game, but both abilities are very situational, and you have to be quick about your decisions when using these.

If you don’t have a card that fits the situation… well, sorry.

While the game is difficult (it’s meant to be, Kelly), it kept me coming back for more.

I kept trying different tactics, I kept swearing at the demons, the zombies, the bunkers and pretty much anything that was in my way.

Verdict: Cursed to Golf is a great little indie to pick up for your switch, for commutes or just a five minute break in your work day.


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