Chocobo GP Just Can’t Touch Mario Kart | Quick Review
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Chocobo GP Just Can’t Touch Mario Kart | Quick Review

What you essentially need to know about Chocobo GP is that it’s a straight up Mario Kart clone set in the world of Final Fantasy. Don’t expect to be pulled into some dramatic Final Fantasy story worthy of the main games though, as this is mostly just the dressing.

What’s Good with Chocobo GP?

Looks quite nice
Final Fantasy
Detent kart race

Mario Kart exists
F2P mobile game vibes
Characters are a bit annoying

More like Mario Can’t

While Chocobo GP has a couple of modes including a story, the gameplay in Chocobo GP is really only on par with Mario Kart in its best moments and not quite good in others. The problem with this is that it begs the obvious question… why not just play Mario Kart? If you thought Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was a little tired at this point, it’s also just received its first batch of DLC tracks, so that’s another problem for Chocobo GP. Also, there are some slightly different options to check out like Hot Wheels Unleashed.

There’s also a very big problem, in that while Chocobo GP is a full price game, it leans heavily into free-to-play mobile territory – so much so that Metacritic user reviewers are really upset, calling it a “cash-grab cellphone game”. Luckily, there is a free version of the game to try out, so if you’re interested enough then I would recommend that. I also can’t say I particularly liked the style of the vehicles and even characters. They just didn’t lend themselves to the game as well as how Nintendo or even Sega’s characters and designs fit into the genre.


For anyone who hasn’t played a good kart racer, I would never recommend Chocobo GP over Mario Kart, and if you’ve already got Mario Kart then I’d be hard pressed to really recommend it unless you really, really love Final Fantasy as well as kart racers… otherwise it feels like I’m happy to let Chocobo GP race off into the sunset without me.