Capcom Arcade Stadium Video Review – Capped-Com (WIN A CODE FOR XBOX!)

Capcom Arcade Stadium Video Review – Capped-Com (WIN A CODE FOR XBOX!)

Many gamers who were around in the 80s and 90s have fond memories of arcades, usually accompanied by bright lights and stale cigarette smoke.

Capcom Arcade Stadium wants to capture a bit of that magic by providing 32 of their arcade titles in one compilation, and make it feel a little more like you were actually there by providing 3D arcade cabinets that you can move between to select your games.

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When picking a game there are a variety of view modes you can use which include playing on the actual cabinet in 3D instead of full-screen, rotating the screen and including scan-lines. Coins are thankfully unlimited and you can set difficulty levels per game, but the most welcome features are those that allow for rewinding, saving anywhere and even setting the game speed faster or slower on the fly.


Despite having 32 games to play, many of which have multiplayer, the limitations of Capcom’s library quickly becomes evident, with only 3 categories to choose from: Action, Shooter and Fighting; and for the most part, many of them are very similar, or variations and sequels. Of the five games available in the fighting category, 4 of them are variations of Street Fighter II, and there are multiple side-scrolling beat-em-ups, and top view shooters like 1942.


Fans of all or specific Capcom arcade games will want to check this out, although it’s likely you already own many of these titles in some shape or form if you are. With no sports, racing or puzzle games, you might find yourself left with a few itches that the collection doesn’t quite scratch.

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