Atomic Heart Review – a BETTER Bioshock Infinite?

Atomic Heart Review – a BETTER Bioshock Infinite?

Atomic Heart is a big action-RPG set in a retro-futuristic sci-fi Soviet Union in 1955. It launches on February 21, coming to PlayStation 4 and 5, and also available day one on Game Pass for Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PC.

I’ve spent a good long while playing Atomic Heart to tell you if it’s any good. While it feels like its own thing in many ways.

It’s the kind of game that makes you quickly starting saying things like: “Hey, this feels a lot like this game and that game”

It definitely has some elements of popular franchises like Bioshock, Prey (read our review here) and more, but is this unique configuration of existing ideas more than the sum of its atomic parts?

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  • Studio’s 1st video game (5y development which started in 2017)
  • 3 difficulty levels from “Story” to “Hard” modes
  • 1.5h of cinematics
  • 20h+ of campaign
  • 15h+ of side-quests
  • 9 VO, 13 Subs
  • Optimized for PS4/Xbox One/Steam Deck