Assetto Corsa Review | PS4/XBO
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Assetto Corsa Review | PS4/XBO

What is it? A full blown hyper-realistic driving/racing simulator that started off on PC and has now made its way over to the world of consoles.

Assetto Corsa has finally moved over from PC to console to deliver one of the first true simulator titles to the PS4 and Xbox One. When we say simulator we don’t mean a flashy video game with pretty realistic handling, we mean it in the geekiest sort of “I spent my whole Saturday night at home tweaking my brake balance to improve my exit speed through turn 11” sort of way.

That’s not to say the game isn’t pretty or lacks a stable of exotic cars, because it does, but none of the pretty bits can take away the fact that unless you have a decent wheel setup you aren’t going to have a very good time. Using the control is twitchy and frustrating and further tweaking of the settings only seemed to make it worse. The career mode and once off modes are also more like a playlist of races and events you need to get through with no progression system, çar collecting or well… any of those things you’ve grown to love from your console racer experience. This is the sort of simulator thats well suited to full blown sim racer fans who want to sit in their racing chair, set up a race or hot lap and spend the evening banging away at lap times. There is of course multiplayer as well, and those same die hard fans will surely find a good dedicated community to race with.

As impressive and realistic as the handling is – even for those looking for this sort of experience – the game is rough around the edges and lacks a lot of basic features and content that one would expect from a full priced console title.

Verdict: It may come with some of the best driving physics to ever grace a console, but they come at the cost of everything else that makes console racers any good.

Pros: Variety of gorgeous cars, unparalleled driving physics with a wheel, beautiful tracks.

Cons: Almost unplayable on controller, DLC cars out of the box, throwaway career, very difficult

I wrote a much longer and way more in-depth review for the folks over at If you want to know more you can go check it out by clicking here.



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