WWE 2K23 Review – The Invisible Man
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WWE 2K23 Review – The Invisible Man

The latest entry into the long running video game adaptation of the world’s most long running, most beloved redneck soap opera is finally here, and like the prestigious LA Knight would say, LET ME TALK TO YA about it.

WWE 2K23 arguably had even more riding on it than 2K22, because after the disastrous launch of 2K20, the franchise’s future needed 2K22 to be a success, and shockingly, it delivered the goods harder than a Cold Stone Stunner after a swing of some ice cold beer.

But for those worried that last year’s game was a fluke or flash in the pan, rest easy, because 2K23 has taken the foundation laid last year to build a Rock solid package.

Entertainment at it’s finest

While you have your usual story modes like MyRise where this year you play an established indie darling (both male and female created wrestlers each with their own stories) trying to make it in the Fed, and the Johnathan Cena career showcase mode taking you through Mr. Cena’s illustrious careers through his opponent’s eyes – the real party is the gameplay.

Now while the story modes are actually really entertaining, especially since you can unlock what is arguably one of the greatest Easter eggs in gaming, Super Cena (spoilers: a literal invisible Johnathan Cena), you’re probably wondering how the game plays.

The combo-based gameplay from the previous game makes a return, and again, I miss the control scheme of old, but the game plays really well and feels more polished, especially with moves feeling and sounding more impactful and meaty.

Once you learn the ins and outs of it, gameplay actually offers a lot of room for variety, and it’s easy to have your technical 30 minute, 5 star classics where you take your opponent and yourself to the Edge, or you can just have two big men, with big chests, and big muscles, bumping meat, as our esteemed Big E put it.

Face Smashin’ Button Mashin

And ultimately, what makes or breaks a wrasslin’ game is how fun it is to play, and I’m happy to say, 2K23 delivers.

Aside from that, the 2K franchise just manages to break the mold each year when it comes to graphics, as the game looks better than ever.

Previous games always looked great, but 2K23 blows it out the park, not only upping the quality of real wrestlers, but bringing the polish to created ones as well, with some community creations looking indistinguishable from the developer created ones.

Clothing, hair, ski, and even accurate model sizes (the big meaty men are just as big and meaty in game as in real life) all looks so good, and the game is truly a visual treat to behold.

Even in terms of audio, the crowd and commentary team are more varied, resulting in better immersion during matches.

From the Top Rope

The game isn’t without its faults, though, because as is tradition, there’s some steps forward and some steps back.

MyGM for example has been improved a lot, but there’s some truly odd restrictions in terms of booking matches (only certain matches can be made and only certain wrestlers can feud etc), and MyUniverse is more customizable than ever with you being able to choose cutscenes and interactions you previously had no control over, but there’s some truly baffling AI tomfoolery that can ruin your carefully booked show.

I also saw some people are having the usual glitches and bugs, but I think I’m blessed by the Red Neck Elder Gods, because I had 0 issues during my time playing.

But as is also tradition, this isn’t anything they can’t fix with a patch… or 3.

Overall, WWE 2K23 is just one hell of a good time, and whether you’re a hardcore wrestling fan looking to book the WWE universe of your dreams, a Johnathan Cena hater wanting to virtually beat him up, or a casual fan wanting something to play on a Sunday afternoon, 2k23 has all that covered.

Plus, you guys, an ACTUAL invisible Cena. GOTY just for that I reckon.