This Year’s Xbox E3 Event Is More Exciting Than All Others – Here’s Why

This Year’s Xbox E3 Event Is More Exciting Than All Others – Here’s Why

I love E3 time, and I can safely assume that many of you also do. It’s gaming Christmas, except that the gifts are a glimpse into Santa’s Workshop.

I Feel Your Presents

The only problem is that it’s Christmas… but without getting the presents. What we get to see is the magic going on, the magic that you may or may not experience at some point depending on timing, your budgets, etc. Here’s where Microsoft is changing EVERYTHING.

Thanks to Microsofts’ ludicrous vacuum-like acquisitions of some very impressive studios, they have a hell of a future line up in their pocket, and because of Game Pass, this isn’t just a line up of games you might get to play.

Image credit: Playbox 36

You May Pass Go

The most exciting aspect of this week’s showing is undoubtedly going to be the excitement that gets generated by Microsoft unveiling Xbox exclusives that ALL XBOX GAMERS get to play. Here’s a new game, it’s coming to Game Pass. Here’s another great looking game, it’s coming to Game Pass. No decisions on purchasing this one or that one, no months and months of saving up money to spend ludicrous launch day prices… heck, you don’t even have to wait longer to get a sale.

A new Halo, we are all gonna play it. A new Forza? We are all gonna play it. We don’t know when Starfield is coming, but you know what? That’s right, we all get to play it on day one.

New Horizons

This is something the likes of which have never been seen before (to my knowledge). With the options of PC, Xbox Series X and the very impressive and affordable Series S (even as a second to your PS5), this is without a doubt something special. At this point, it mostly still applies to all owners of the Xbox One and One X too. What a time to be alive.

We’re excited as all hell for Microsoft’s conference this Sunday at 7pm (South African time), and excited for all the other shows as well. I can’t wait to see what everyone has to show off.

Let us know in the comments what you’re most excited about!