VIDEO: The MCU Infinity Saga in one hour? Yes please.

VIDEO: The MCU Infinity Saga in one hour? Yes please.

So you keep telling yourself you’re going to rewatch the entire Infinity Saga right? Then you remember that you don’t have like five million years of free time to get through all of it, and so you give the idea a skip. Great news is that I have the answer you’ve been looking for.

I was on YouTube the other day, just pouring through anything MCU related that I could find thanks to Endgame’s hype still holding strong. What I found was a video created by a Yoko Higuchi, who is apparently really talented at putting together visuals and music in a way that’s great to watch. What he has done is taken some of the best or important bits of the entire set of MCU films, and cut them together with music to almost make you feel like you’re blasting through your memory of all the films.

What I really love is that there’s no annoying guy or gal telling your what happened as the video goes along, it shows you instead. I wish I had it in me to break out a collection and watch all of these every year, but I don’t. I may however, just find it in me to watch the updated versions of these every now and then to remember how amazing everything is.

You’ll quickly find that certain scenes instantly highlight which of the films you know you really want to break out and watch in full again. It’s nearly time for another viewing of the first Avengers and Winter Soldier for me.