The Devil All The Time Movie Review – Netflix
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The Devil All The Time Movie Review – Netflix

Based on a novel with the same name; The Devil all the Time is a story about vengeance, and a family plagued by a series of unfortunate events set in post World War 2 America. The story jumps back and forward in time, and has you spend time with a variety of characters that range from sleezy pastors and serial killers to innocent children and big brothers with rage issues; ultimately connecting events together to bring the story to its conclusion.

Verdict: While a little drawn out at times, The Devil All The Time’s great cast and noteworthy performances backs up an intriguing and sometimes unpredictable tale of twisted motivations and vengeance.

I love movies that come together in the end and while The Devil All The Time is a little bit of an odd-ball, it gave me everything I was hoping for when I first got excited with the trailer.

It’s a tale that reminds you that there are some really unsavoury folks in the world, and that some of those that are innocent also don’t quite always have a good grasp on things. Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgard and Robbert Pattinson all deliver some really great performances, with the rest of the impressive cast that includes Jason Clarke, Mia Wasikowska, Sebastian Stan and more doing absolutely no wrong either.

In the end I really loved the journey that the film took me on, with a conclusion that feels somewhat melancholy but satisfying.