Street Fighter 6 Review – The BEST Fighter of 2023?

Street Fighter 6 Review – The BEST Fighter of 2023?

From my earliest days playing Street Fighter 2 in arcades and on my SEGA MegaDrive, to investing countless hours into Street Fighter 4, I have always had a special place in my heart for the Street Fighter franchise.

When Street Fighter V was released, it didn’t quite capture my interest, but with the arrival of Street Fighter 6, I found myself cautiously intrigued by the new era it promised.


Street Fighter 6 comprises 3 major modes that offer diverse experiences to players. The first is the World Tour mode, a single-player adventure where you can create your own avatar, customise move sets, and engage in battles against random opponents and major characters.

While this mode deviates from the classic formula of carefully crafted character matchups, it offers an interesting concept for those seeking a unique gameplay experience.

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The second mode is BattleHub, an online community mode that allows players to interact with others in an arcade-like setting, challenging or spectating other players.

Though I did not have the chance to experience this mode personally, I have heard from associates that it offers excellent community features and boasts an impressive netcode that ensures smooth online play, even over long distances.

The third mode, Fighting Ground, houses traditional modes such as arcade mode, combo trials, versus modes, and training. As a fan of combo trials, I spent a significant amount of time in this mode, honing my skills and exploring the various features available.

Modern or Classic, and a modern classic

One of the standout aspects of Street Fighter 6 is its gameplay mechanics. The developers have done an exceptional job in capturing what has always made Street Fighter special. The combat system is remarkably deep, incorporating a wide range of functions and features.

Street Fighter 6 Gameplay with Ryu and Luke

It strikes a balance between being accessible for newcomers to pick up and play while providing enough depth for dedicated players to delve into strategic rabbit holes. The new modern control mode offers a simpler entry point for beginners, allowing them to enjoy the game’s cool moves and animations without extensive learning requirements.

However, classic controls still exist for serious players who prefer the traditional approach.

How do you do, fellow kids?

Street Fighter 6 features a mix of familiar favourites and new characters. Initially, I had reservations about the new additions, feeling that they lacked uniqueness on the surface.

Luke, prominently displayed on the cover art, has the same body as Popeye, which I just can’t un-see. However, I anticipate warming up to these characters over time, especially considering the massive roster of characters available from past games.

With ongoing support, it’s highly likely that the character list will continue to expand, providing an even more diverse selection for players to choose from.


Street Fighter 6 hits the mark in all the right ways, offering a colourful and vibrant experience that is both easy to pick up and play, as well as deeply satisfying for serious players. The game’s well-crafted fighting system, combined with its impressive netcode, elevates the online play experience to new heights.

While it faces competition from other fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Tekken, Street Fighter 6 presents a great entry point for newcomers and a challenging playground for seasoned veterans. So, if you’re ready to embrace the world of Street Fighter, dust off your arcade stick and get those fingers warmed up, because this new installment is definitely worth a dive.

Verdict: ✪✪✪✪ (Great)

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