Star Wars Jedi Survivor Will Be Great… Eventually – Quick Impressions Review

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Will Be Great… Eventually – Quick Impressions Review

Despite being a huge Star War fan since I was a kid, and really liking Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, I felt strangely under hyped about the sequel. Turns out, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was worth a whole lot of hype.

Right off the bat, the opening level and sequences on the planet Coruscant had me hooked. The gameplay felt familiar yet fresh, and the cinematic introductions set the stage for an experience that felt like a true evolution of the original game. The writing and character interactions have come a long way, and it’s clear that Respawn Entertainment has taken notes from blockbuster titles like God of War.

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As the game progressed, it became clear that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a much larger scope and ambition than its predecessor. It’s a beautiful, large, detailed, and well-written game. However, with so many elements in play, there are bound to be some issues – and the main problem here is performance. In the 60 FPS performance mode, the frame rate is inconsistent, while the 30 FPS quality mode looks better and runs more stable but sacrifices resolution. Ultimately, I opted for the quality mode to enjoy the game’s stunning visuals.

I have to take a moment to mention the fantastic sound design and music in this game. The audio experience is nothing short of incredible and truly captures the essence of Star Wars, making full use of my surround sound setup.

The gameplay in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor starts where the original left off and quickly adds even more depth. With more abilities, customisation options, larger areas, more to explore, and features like fast travel, this sequel goes above and beyond expectations. The character-driven experience ties everything together beautifully, making it feel like a true labor of love.

Based on my time with the game so far, I am thoroughly impressed with what Respawn has achieved. The only major drawback is the performance issues, which could have been resolved with a later launch date. These problems are especially frustrating for PC players with powerful hardware. As much as I want to wholeheartedly recommend this game, I must advise you to wait for performance improvements before diving in.


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has the potential to be a five-star game, but its performance issues currently hold it back. If these problems are resolved, this game will shoot straight to the top of my list of highly recommended experiences. It’s adventurous, fun, massive, and it captures the essence of Star Wars perfectly. For now, I won’t give the game a score, but I hope to revisit it once the performance issues have been sorted out.