Screw VR! Experience Our Image-Based 1st Person NerdNab Unboxing

Screw VR! Experience Our Image-Based 1st Person NerdNab Unboxing

It’s that time of the month again where we get a small but very, very bright orange box delivered to our door again so that we can open it all up and see what goodies it has in store for everyone. Every month NerdNab picks a sort of theme to roll on where possible, with the first one we reviewed being Halloween related and the second revolving around Christmas with a hint of Star Wars flavour.

So then, what’s this month’s goodies going to be? Let’s have a look.


First things first… the box arrived. We have made great progress so far. Let’s crack it open and get to the goodies.


Tell me… do you bleed? Or… like T-shirts, because the answer from me is yes to both those things. I’m really looking forward to this movie, please don’t suck, pleeeaaase don’t suck.


Also, in case you forget when the big day is, they bundled in a glossy calendar with the date marked off for you. My body is ready.




Speaking of awesome comic book character movies, this week’s box contains “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine”, Deadpool, always a winner! Well, except in the looks department, but hey.


The Division is out this month, and I love every bit of it that I’ve played so far, so I’m pretty well chuffed with this Division badge sticker thing. You see its a sticker, but it looks like a badge, but you don’t need to sew it onto anything because… well, like I said… the sticker thing. It’s awesome, I need to find it a good home on something.


I know a ton of you out there love you some Marvel and I know that even more of you have some serious love for LEGO, so why not have a bit of both? For your viewing pleasure, I have decided to embark on this great conquest of construction so we can check the final product out. Here we go.

*Cue noises of drilling, sawing, bloodshed, bandaging and victory*


Success! After re-attaching my arm I was able to take this pic. Not only does Mr. Anthony Stark look pretty sporting in his outfit, but the mask comes up AND his head has been created with two faces on either side so you can spin it around to show a beat up face. I’m sticking with the smug, rich, asshole look for now.


I ain’t gonna lie, I know sweet shit-all about Yu-Gi Oh or whatever, what I do know is that this is a foil pack collectible game piece thing.


Have you given Dice Masters a go yet? I haven’t but I actually saw NerdNab’s own head honcho jamming it with someone the other day at an event and… well I still have no idea how it works, but this pack is a good stepping stone to find out. Anyone else feel like this is one of those “c’mon just take one, it’ll be awesome” drug moments from our youth. I think I feel dirty, age 14+ drugs… what will they think of next!


As is always the case, 10 lucky subscribers stand a chance to win a Nabber Plus box, good on you if you ever get one… but we all know that there’s a better one that you really want, oh yes…


… Mother of Zod… the Motherload. Look at all that stuff, LOOK AT IT. PS4 stuff, boardgames stuff, XCOM stuff, shirts, bags… I just… like, totes mcgoats can’t literally even, it’s craze-maze-balls and I’m jealous. I promise I won’t talk like that again.


So there you have it, all the goodies from this month’s box. Did you like it? Remember that you can always head over to their website and by the boxes while there is still stock. Thanks a lot to NerdNab for providing the box of goodies for review, let us know what you think in the comics, we’d love to hear it and I’m sure they would too.