Telegram’s Addictive Leaderboard Games DESTROYED Our Productivity

Telegram’s Addictive Leaderboard Games DESTROYED Our Productivity

So, this is bad. Thanks to a new update on Telegram for Web, we discovered Game Bots for Telegram. Setting up some leaderboard rivalries with you friends has never been easier, and more addictive.

It’s actually pretty damn brilliant. Whether you’re on your browser or your phone, you just @ mention a game bot and then pick a game. The game loads in without any installation required and immediately lets you and your friends play.

Your score goes onto a leaderboard with your group’s friends… and let me tell you, when I first tested it in a group out of nowhere, the addiction and competition was real, and very instant.

So the two Game Bots I discovered so far were @gamebot and @gamee. If you’re ready to let your productivity die a horrible death, give it a go.

Here’s a quick step-by-step:

1. In your Telegram group, @ Mention the Game Bot name and leave a space to see some games come up. It looks like going to the channel itself presents even more! We tried Corsairs first. The game pops up, and people in the group can click on it to load it up.


2. The games are super easy to play but get competitive really quick. You can use your keyboard or on-screen buttons.


3. Your friends go into the leaderboard, and when you leave the game it posts your score to your Telegram group.


There you go! It’s really easy to do and lots of fun if you have some friends to compete against. The evil in us is already coming out as we send cocky GIFs to each other after topping the leaderboard, only to have someone else knock you down later.

We’re having a blast with it.

Have fun! Try to not get fired!