Was Quantum Break’s Reveal Footage A Lie?

Was Quantum Break’s Reveal Footage A Lie?

It’s slowly stopped being any sort of surprise that a launching game doesn’t look quite as good as the version of it that first got shown off to people in a gameplay reveal that was designed to blow people’s faces off.

One of the most memorable examples of this was Ubisoft’s Watchdogs, which boasted the sort of “Next-Gen” visuals that made all of us sit up in our seats and say “Holy shit, are we really going to be playing games that look like that soon?” Spoiler alert: We weren’t.

With this in mind, I decided to go back and take a look at another big hitter that’s just around the corner… and that’s Remedy’s next big thing for Xbox. I am of course talking about Quantum Break. When it was first revealed we knew there would be a TV show element, however we didn’t have the familiar cast that we do now, but that aside what’s say we take a look at the reveal videos and then some near-launch gameplay and compare the two.

Here’s the first bit, that focuses more on a set piece and what would be a bunch of in-engine dialogue.

And here we have the first look at what should be an example of actual gameplay taken from midway through the game.

Now that we’ve seen what was, let’s take a good look at what is coming at launch and do a quick comparison of the two. This video that we’ve linked to before shows some actual final graphics and gameplay and we can put it side by side with what we’ve just seen from the reveals. Let’s take a look:

Ok, so now that you’ve seen it side by side, what do you think? Do you feel like you’re getting something that is the same or close enough to what you were initially promised when you saw the reveals? What do you think of Quantum Break anyway?

I’m not quite sure if the actual gameplay looks quite as good as what was initially shown to us, but that’s also because you realise that when it come to reveal footage, the developers always love to add in little extras that really make a game pop, like natural animations of the characters reaction to some light in their eyes and other tiny little scripted moments that really put so much polish on.

In the end I still think Quantum Break is looking incredible, and I’m not only looking forward to playing it for myself, but also bringing you a review to help you decide (especially for us South Africans with that really rough new price).


  1. avi March 9, 2016

    visuals look similar, even upgraded in some areas.
    maybe the aesthetic changes to the cast is leading you to believe that it looks different?
    what exactly about the footage makes you think the initial reveal was a “lie?” Why was it a lie? Remedy themselves that the reveal footage is still in the game, but changed and tweaked to better match the story progression.

  2. Kaiser X March 10, 2016

    To me the game looks upgraded.

  3. SpeakTruthAlways March 10, 2016

    Rabid Sony fanboys of N4G says it’s a downgrade, shocker.

    Yet they still believe the E3 2014 Uncharted 4 reveal ran on a PS4, running in real-time
    at a steady 60FPS lol.

    • WryMouthX March 10, 2016

      Nailed it! U4 looks worse and worse each presentation.

      • SpeakTruthAlways March 10, 2016

        I mean, the game still looks good, but if you say this isn’t a downgrade you’re just fooling yourself.

      • craig March 10, 2016

        it still looks good but the video that was revealed wasnt intended to be released as such,it was made for a bit of fun by someone on the team
        it looked good so sony showed it

      • Bilal Prince-Ali March 10, 2016

        i hate it when people use that picture.. They NEVER take into consideration the fact those are 2 COMPLETELYYYY different times of day with different lighting.. the fact Nate is wet in one and dry in the other the fact that THOSE ARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STAGES OF THE GAME!!!!

        But of course you dumbasses still wish to use that pic as evidence but when ‘PS Fanboys’ bring up Forza downgrades or indeed this ‘so called’ downgrade with QB you lots wanna call ‘PS Fanboys’ uneducated and stupid and bring up this stupid comparison pic lool! no matter how you spin it its pretty sad!

        • SpeakTruthAlways March 10, 2016

          Forza 5 was downgraded that’s a fact. I hated Turn10 for it because they’ve never done that before.

          • Bilal Prince-Ali March 11, 2016

            you cant hate an amazing studio like Turn10 because of one situation… Like we know when it comes to new consoles, developers overshoot in terms of what they think possible but when it comes to producing a full game in that image you realise the limitations of the hardware you’re given.

        • Truth™ March 15, 2016

          Downgrade 🙂

          • Bilal Prince-Ali March 17, 2016

            ummm… where’s the relevancy..?

    • Bilal Prince-Ali March 10, 2016

      well thats because it did..? Just like when they showed off TLoU.. Naughty dog being themselves just overshot not realising how taxing the game would be.

      • SpeakTruthAlways March 10, 2016


        If the “real-time” video of Uncharted 4 ran at 100% steady 60FPS on a PS4, why go down to 30FPS? Use your head.

        • Bilal Prince-Ali March 11, 2016

          because THAT was a snippet of a single 4 minutes of a game STILL in development!! The goal was 60FPS but when development carries on and you realise how immense a project becomes and you cant fit it all in due to either time constraints or hardware limitations or even having to sacrifice something so you can achieve as much of your vision as possible.

          These are all reasons and as a video games designer myself (albeit at uni level lol) i know it to be true… But people like you who are soo quick to judge and point fingers without applying BASIC common sense are the ones who look the most retarded!! -__- YOU use your head!

          • SpeakTruthAlways March 12, 2016

            So you’re saying it was running in real-time on a PS4?

          • Bilal Prince-Ali March 12, 2016

            YES!!!! Are you REALLY stupid enough to think an entire PS4 is not powerful enough to render a 2 minute in-engine cutscene running at 1080p & 60 FPS..!? Like ar eyou really that fucking stupid..? -___-

          • SpeakTruthAlways March 12, 2016

            You’re stupid if you think that was running in real-time on a PS4. The duration of the cutscene is irrelevant. The PS4 can’t handle that kind of graphical fidelity at 1080p/60fps, end of discussion.

            The PS4 is not a super-computer. When Corrinne Yu was asked if it was real gameplay in real-time she didn’t reply.

          • Bilal Prince-Ali March 12, 2016

            a super computerr!!!?? FFS you have never been in games design i dont even know why im here debating with you lool! You’re CLEARLY a fucking idiot with no knowledge or fact on the subject but because you’re SO unwilling to accept the possibility of it being possible you’ve accepted your OPINION as a fact, Even though ive told you and any logical person can tell you its fucking possible!!!!

            Do you not remember Quantic Dream’s ‘The Dark Sorcerer’ tech Demo!!? Seriously… Just accept that you’re a narrow minded fool who’s unwilling to even consider anything else as true besides your opinion and move on!

          • SpeakTruthAlways March 12, 2016

            How do you know that was running real-time on a PS4? You can’t know than 100%. Don’t pretend to know what you’re talking about more than you actually do. Sony has lied and showed CG trailers before lots of times, so I don’t trust them at all.

            Just watch these videos and you’ll know what I mean:




          • Bilal Prince-Ali March 12, 2016

            thats what im trying to tell you.. I DONT KNOW THAT THAT SPECIFIC DEMO IS!! Thats why i’ve given you alternatives.. The argument has shifted to what is POSSIBLE on the PS4 with you literally refusing to believe that this is! Even claiming it’s take a super computer! loool like are you joking! -___-… The point is for every piece of evidence you can show ill show you a piece of evidence that shows when they havent lied!

            You’re being a cynic! and thats the simple truth to it.. You’ve said you dont trust Sony so clearly its a company you dont like.. So clearly you’re not going to even allow yourself to think it could be possible.

          • SpeakTruthAlways March 12, 2016

            In neither of your comments did you even insinuate that Sony can’t be trusted, or that we can’t be sure the U4 video or the tech demo is what Sony claim it is. Now you’re just going around in circles, using my own arguments again me. If you don’t know what that demo is, or whatever you’re trying to tell me, why did you bring it up in the first place?

            This discussion has always been about what is possible on PS4, but when you bring up a tech demo that you even admitted you know nothing about right after you brought it up, the question whether you blindly believe anything Sony shows to you can justifiably be asked.

          • Bilal Prince-Ali March 12, 2016

            its not blindly believing!! It’s just not im not and most people aren’t fucking cynics!! If this convo has always been about whats posisble on PS4 then you’re wrong too! because you MUST be stupid f you think an ENTIRE PS4 with no bloatware that JUST runs a single cutscene demo cant run it at 1080p 60FPS with an amazingly talented team and however long they had to optimise even witht hat graphical fidelity!

            You need to learn how video games development works! And you need to learn how sacrifices and compromises are made throughout a development cycle! Because A LOT could be done to make a game better from a technical and aesthetic level but a lot is compromised or sacrificed because of whatever necessity!

            But the point is you’re taking it as a win that i cant prove this was running on a PS4 but you cant prove its not! BTW I REALLYYYYYY hope you dont think the PS4’s these developers have that they have as development kits are the same ones as ours!!? -___-.. But to say that this ISNT possible on the PS4 is just wrong and fucking stupid! AND THATS A FACT NOT OPINION!

          • SpeakTruthAlways March 12, 2016

            There’s a reason why a lot of people questioned the claim that it was running in real-time on a PS4.

            I know the devkits are different than the retail PS4 in terms of specs and usability, but that is irrelevant to this conversation. If a dev claim a game is running in real-time on a console, it means the retail version. At least that what they SHOULD mean.

            Have you watched the videos yet?

  4. marc Berry March 10, 2016

    The lighting is better now!

  5. KashIsKlay March 10, 2016

    No. The game looks better. A penny for your thoughts.

  6. Bilal Prince-Ali March 10, 2016

    the game certainly has not been downgraded… Im NOT even a fan of this game lol but its certainly not been downgraded.

    What has changed is the character models and lighting are certainly better and the over all ‘tone’ art style and aesthetic of the game has indeed changed. But the game hasn’t downgraded if anything its overall upgraded.

  7. Mr Xrat March 15, 2016

    Of course it was. It’s what MS excels at.

    • Truth™ March 15, 2016

      Except this time. PC gets the real version and console gimps are left with nothing

      Ruggarell’s tiny peenus weenus shrivels every day as he cries about all those downgrades 🙂

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