Project CARS: The Forza and Gran Turismo Killer?  | Interview and Gameplay Video

Project CARS: The Forza and Gran Turismo Killer?  | Interview and Gameplay Video

We had a great chat that we think any petrolhead and/or racing game fan will really enjoy, so if that’s you, check it out.

We recently had the chance to sit and have a chat with Project CARS Game Director Stephen Viljoen about everything from cars and roads to our favorite old racing sims and arcade games. We think any gamer who loves either cars or racing sims will enjoy listening in on two petrolhead gamers chat about this and that, and to make it even better, we captured a bunch of gameplay footage off of the PS4 and ran it over the discussion for you to ogle while you listen.

Some interesting points we took away from the chat:

  • Viljoen has always wanted to make a racing game that allowed you to walk and move around the rest of the world as a person as well. We think that sounds like something we want to play. We want VR Ferris Wheel rides.
  • We jokingly asked him if they can just go ahead and make some classic tracks that don’t exist anymore and add them in as DLC, to which he stated “Watch this space!”. So… who knows?! (New Kyalami too please)
  • He believes that car manufacturers should be paying developers for their cars to be in games and not the other way around. We agree.
  • Cape Town has some of the best driving roads in the world. Suck it, other places.
  • Geoff Crammond’s GP2 was a big deal, ok.

A big thanks to Megarom for organising the interview, and thanks to Stephen and Slightly Mad Studios for the chat.

Read our impressions of the game here and stay tuned for our final review coming soon! Got any thoughts on the topics brought up in the chat? Comments below, you know the drill!