Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is Awesome! – Video Review

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is Awesome! – Video Review

Prince of Persia Reviewed

It often only takes a few minutes to identify a game that’s had a lot of love poured into its creation, and I’m really happy to say that Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown feels like one of them.

Who remembers the Prince of Persia movie with Jake Gyllenhaal? Just kidding – no one does.

Either way, this has nothing to do with that, or anything else, really, as this is a new standalone… thing.

From the original side-scrolling pioneer of gaming to the hugely popular Sands of Time series (and that one that came out on Xbox 360 that wasn’t all that bad, the Prince of Persia name has been a part of the gaming world from early on.


Well, now there’s a new Prince of Persia. It’s made by the team who made Rayman, it’s priced new in the $50 USD range, and guess what? You don’t actually play as the Prince of Persia.

What a twist!

You play Sargon, who is a part of a group of Persian bad-asses called THE ETERNA–– the Immortals.

After some events and a bit of betrayal takes place, the prince is kidnapped, and so Sargon and his homies set off to save the day.

If you didn’t know already, The Lost Crown is a Metroidvania.

And If you think about it, it’s a perfect way to evolve the original 2D concept into something for modern audiences. There’s running and jumping, exploring, fighting and all the other great stuff that comes with the genre, ultimately turning you into a quick dashing, combo smashing force of badassery.

They’ve really nailed all the parts of the genre that I enjoy, and included everything else you might expect like being able to buy and upgrade stuff, and even amulets you can wear to mix things up, and it’s got a pretty lengthy campaign too.

As a bonus, there’s also a guided mode that helps those who might find themselves easily lost, and some really solid accessibility features.

The combat on standard difficulty is a good blend of fun and challenging, and the general puzzle / platforming feels good.

It’s also just a really good-looking game, with beautiful art and really smooth, clean graphics on console, and I reckon this is actually something that would work really great on the go if you’re playing on the Switch or something like the Steam Deck. On a side note, I gave it a test running on the ol’ Xbox One S and it was great too.

Even if you’re not prepared to jump in right away, keep your eye on Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, it’s a welcome surprise and a great addition to the Prince of Persia series, even if you’re more into the Sands of Time stuff.

Verdict: Recommended