Mission: Impossible – Fallout | DVD Review
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Mission: Impossible – Fallout | DVD Review

What is it? The 5th Mission Impossible movie. In Fallout, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team must track down plutonium and discover the identity of a mysterious baddie who is trying to cause some supreme levels of trouble with a few well placed Nuclear Bombs.

Verdict: The Movie is great, but the DVD comes with no extras.

Man oh man, these Mission Impossible movies seem to just be getting better and better. In many ways they have become the new Bond-films in that they include global adventure, cool gadgets, great action set-pieces, tons of practical stunts (Tom does all his own as well which is nuts) and more, and I’m happy to say that Fallout carries the torch with pride, possibly delivering the best of the bunch. The plot might be a bit daft at times, but that’t not exactly why we watch these films, right?

While there isn’t  much going on with the DVD in terms of special features (well, there’s nothing on the DVD – but these days you can view most of this stuff on YouTube), the movie is just so darn good that I can say that it may be worth owning just because it’s good enough to break out for an extra viewing every now and then.

If you missed this movie, make sure to give it a rent or purchase, you won’t be disappointed.