Minecraft Legends Review – Fun with Friends!
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Minecraft Legends Review – Fun with Friends!

If you’re confused about what kind of game is Minecraft Legends even is, you’re not alone!

Check out our impressions after spending a few hours with the game in both single and multiplayer.

Minecraft Legends Review

A few hours into Minecraft Legends, I discovered that once I got over the initial process of learning what kind of game it is, it’s mostly a really fun way to run around a Minecraft world on a mount while fighting enemies, building things, harvesting minerals and herding your hordes into battle.

What’s more, it’s fun with friends.

Watch our video review now – or read the review below!

So what kind of game is Minecraft legends exactly?

When I went into Minecraft Legends, I really didn’t know what to expect because I just wasn’t exactly sure what kind of game it was, and I don’t think I’m alone here.

I spent a bunch of hours in Minecraft Legends to give you my impressions, and since I saw the trailers I thought it looks sort of like an RTS. While I’ve always been able to top a leaderboard in shooters, racers and various other genres of games, I suck ass at Real-Time Strategy games, but it’s the one kind of game I still really enjoy playing – despite the aforementioned ass-suckery.

But this also sort of looks like those Dota games that the kids play, the ones that are kind of like an RTS, but also sort of like an action-RPG. The kind I’ve never really played before all mixed in with the Minecraft aesthetic.

This feels like one of those times when there seems to be a bit of a secret sauce that you can’t quite put your finger on, but when you’re playing – it feels special.

Minecraft Legends is categorised as a third-person, action-strategy game. I played on Xbox Series X but it’s also coming to the Series S, Switch, PS4, PS5, PC and both Xbox Ones – and importantly, it’s available Day One on Game Pass.

For Sword and Story

The campaign is a tale told within the Minecraft universe, of a hero who brings their banner to unite the mobs of the Overworld against the Piglins of the Nether, as they spread their corruption over the la… the cut scenes are pretty fun, okay? It’s clear the game just wants you to have a good time.

This whole adventure takes place on a large map which changes size depending on difficulty, and a lot of the game is spent with you bundu bashing through deserts, jungles, tundra and more to harvest resources, defeat enemy bases, rescue villages and develop upgrades.

What’s super cool is that you can play it co-op (4 player on PS5, Xbox Series and PC but 2 player on PS4, Xbox One and Switch), and there was something cool about having me and my co-op partner running around our base splitting up tasks like building more perimeter walls while the others run off to go and harvest more resources.

What makes it a little unique as well is that you need to horde units around you, and lead them into battle – with some basic controls for focusing targets, disbanding, and so on.

Smooth Operator

It also helps that the game runs like butter on Xbox Series X, at a perfectly crisp resolution, and there seems to be a slight tweak the to the usual Minecraft look that adds some dark outlines to objects, which does a great job of neatening up what can sometimes be some pretty chaotic scenes.

It still looks like Minecraft, but it’s able to bust out some beautiful moments none the less.

Adventure Time

The multiplayer is a big draw as well, allowing 4v4 with real players or a mix or people and AI that need to scurry around at speed to harvest and develop in time to wipe out opponents.

I really love that its able to balance moments of chilled exploration and base building with frantic battles.

This kind of has me thinking that while Minecraft Legends is sure to attract many fans of Minecraft as well as folks who are just intrigued with the kind of game it is – you have to wonder just how strong this core concept could be if it was wrapped up in a slightly more mature skin – something like… you know… *LOOKS AT POTENTIAL ACTIVISION DEAL*


With all that said, Minecraft Legends has a unique air of joy about it, delivering a fun mixture of action and strategy made all the better by playing with your friends. It feels like it has the potential to get pretty deep if you put the time into the multiplayer, and while this isn’t typically the kind of game I’m likely to get stuck into for the long haul,

I’ve really enjoyed playing and hope to play around more in future.