Video: There’s a Horny Anime Demon in my Detective Game – Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Review – Nintendo Switch

Video: There’s a Horny Anime Demon in my Detective Game – Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Review – Nintendo Switch

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is a unique blend of murder mystery solving and a surprising dash of demonic kinkiness. Set within the perpetually rain-soaked city of Kanai Ward, you play as Yuma, an aspiring detective suffering with a suspicious case of amnesia.

What sets this game apart is your little ghost demon assistant, Shinigami.

Shinigami not only aids you in solving murders, but as it turns out, they also occasionally morph into a drop-dead gorgeous, overly jiggly, often aroused and also menacingly dark and sexually minded anime demon girl waifu thing.

For someone not entirely familiar with this genre of Japanese games, this was equal parts amusing and unsettling.


Elementary, My Dear Waifu

This game is a test of your mental prowess, brimming with engaging puzzles, plot twists, and investigative work, from inspecting crime scenes to conducting conversations for gathering clues.

Shinigami (the demon waifu) also serves as your guide in the Mystery Labyrinth, a realm where you battle suspect’s evil versions using the knowledge you’ve collected as ammunition to counter their lies.

However, RAIN CODE does have its shortcomings. Its interactive novel-style gameplay often leads to a slow pace, sometimes making extended conversations rather exhausting. The characters merely standing or sitting around for the duration of the conversations doesn’t help either. Thankfully, there’s at least a function to let the dialogue auto continue without needing to press any buttons.

Foggy Glasses

While the game’s art style and character designs are interesting and the rain-drenched city is visually appealing, the resolution is quite muddy, affecting both docked and handheld modes.

Additionally, the noticeable input delay feels like the Switch is pushed beyond its comfort zone. A bit of a trade-off for sharper graphics and smoother performance would have been welcome.


Nonetheless, RAIN CODE, with its balance of mystery, suspense, and dark humour, continually pulls you back into its world. Its detective elements are compelling, and despite some gameplay flaws, the unravelling mysteries keep tempting me to come back and see what happens next.

It also got me thinking just how much I’d love to see what would happen if a western developer took these core gameplay elements and tried to come up with something a bit more grounded and immersive on a powerful console pushing for realistic visuals, maybe with a bit of a horror twist.

Although not fully my cup of tea, RAIN CODE offers an unconventional and pretty intriguing gaming experience that isn’t able to keep me hooked from start to finish, but has snagged me hard enough to make me want to keep chipping away at it mysteries and story over time.

Verdict: ✪✪✪ (Good)

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