MARRIAGE STORY Is A Masterful Film About Good People At Their Worst | Netflix Film Review
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MARRIAGE STORY Is A Masterful Film About Good People At Their Worst | Netflix Film Review

Marriage Story stars Scarlett Johansson (Nicole, a theatre actress) and Adam Driver (Charlie, her husband and director) in possibly their best, most sincere performances to date, as characters navigating the realities of a divorce and child custody.

What really sets Marriage Story apart from many romantic dramas, is that it in no way falls into any pre-existing moulds that Hollywood has become so infamous for. The story is real, it’s difficult and it’s 100% sincerity tells a tale where everyone is right, and everyone is also wrong; because that’s often how real life goes. It’s a topic that’s a little close to my heart as I’ve seen more than one close friend go through similar, and it’s not easy.

Marriage Story is about people. There are no action-packed CGI sequences here to save it, which means actors’ performances mean everything. It’s an understatement to say that the cast delivers, especially when powered by an incredibly tight script that writer/director Noah Baumbach had them follow to the letter. Longer sequences linger, and intense, emotional monologues are given the time to breath or make an impact as the characters pour their hearts out.

What Marriage Story ultimately provides is an honest look at the ugly realities of divorce, and how quickly small moments or details in a relationship can suddenly become powerful weapons when things get legal. It’s told with heart, and truly makes you feel so many emotions for the main characters as well as their son who is caught up in the middle of things. It’s not a story about one’s triumph over the other, but rather the story that in the end, is ultimately about trying to make a bad situation do as little damage as possible.

Marriage Story is masterful filmmaking, writing and acting and is highly recommended. While it’s not an action-packed summer blockbuster, it’s an absolute must-see for anyone who appreciates “cinema” at its finest, and wants to see something where every person involved is delivering their best work.