Mail Time Review – A Cozy Forest Adventure
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Mail Time Review – A Cozy Forest Adventure

Mail Time is a charming indie adventure game set in a forest teeming with lots of those cute forest animals.

You play as a Mail Scout, fresh on the job, tasked with delivering letters and packages to the formerly mentioned cute forest animals that live there. The game is easy to pick up and play, with simple platforming mechanics and some really well chosen, relaxing music. The visuals are also beautiful, it all fits in with that cottage-core forest-y theme.

You meet tons of unique characters with their own special personalities that somehow make their way into your heart as you progress through the relatively short game. I love an indie where you can feel, see and hear the passion the dev had for their work.

I did get lost a couple of times, with no map to help me. I am not a platforming queen in any sense of the word so I did find some challenge there as well.

But overall, if you’re looking for a short cozy adventure that’s easy to pick up for a couple of minutes here and there, definitely give Mail Time a go.